how to convince my parents I need a phone?

I’m fifteen and don’t have a cell phone. Any ideas on how to convince my parents I need a phone?

Answer #1

maybe if your mom can use a new phone too ask for you both to get a buy one get one free deal

my dad is really nice and I have gone throug 2 cells and am on my third just give her a reason mine was origionaly 4 emergencies but not anymore

Answer #2

tell them it is for the better because you will be able to contact each other if you need to stay after school or if some plans you had changed or for emergencies. try offering to pay?

Answer #3

so why do you need a phone? do you have a job…you can get a no contract phone for yourself… with your money… unless you have a good reason…you won’t convince the parents to buy you one.. and don’t just text people…

Answer #4

They always say other people have phones use theirs. I get picked up from school usually. I’ve only walked home alone three times. I don’t have a job. The main reason I even want one is for texting.

Answer #5

Do you go to a public school? If yes, that is reason enough to get you one. I am a mom of 2 teens (one who about to start driving) I like them having phones. I can contact them when I need to and have the comfort of knowing that they can call me if they have a problem or need help. Are you dating yet. If yes (not recomended by me) but if you are or are going to be soon, you really need a phone for safety. The guy you think is the best thing in the world my turn out to be the biggest jerk in the world. You may need a parent or even a friend to swoop in and save you at some point. If these don’t convence your parents, then Good Luck. You can also agree to guidelines for the use of the phone. Sign a contract with them that says you will follow the guidlines they set and don’t argue about doing extra chores to cover the cost.

Answer #6

Say to them you need it for your own safety and in case you need to contact them in an emergency. ox.

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no one needs a cell phone

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