what do you think of Chris Brown

Questionf or you Girls so what do you think of Chris Brown

Answer #1

chris brown is HELLA SEXY and his body is… mmm delicious!!!

Answer #2

Sorry, I don’t listen to his songs, or care about his looks. He is just another music celebrity.

Answer #3

I love his dress sense and jokes and music waiii more thannn hiss lookksss…loool

Answer #4

haha wowza I think the EXACT oppisite In my opinion the older he gets the more uglier he getss but yea I remember those days me and my friend were supper oppessed with him

Answer #5

he’s a very attractive young man .

Answer #6

hahaha thats very nice to know ^^

Answer #7

oh my gosh!I dont what that girl who says chris brown is getting ugly is thiking.he was cute back then and is stilll cute now.I am young and I am too obbsesssed with chris brown.I luv him and I always will.and mt fave song by him is “heart aint a brain”

whooop whoop chris brown is da *

Answer #8

He is Sooo Sexii…!!

and his music aint bad!! lol! x

Answer #9

Ah :] Chris Brown is sexy. His voice is amazing!

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