how can i celebrate xmas with a newborn?

Answer #1

Any other way you would celebrate Christmas, only with a new member of the family.

Answer #2

My son was 5 months old his first christmas. Just remember that its more about you and your family then your newborn, since they wont remember it and cant open presents yet. Keep it simple, take tons of pictures, and enjoy it. The christmas’s get bigger and more expensive each year…the first one is the easy one!

Answer #3

thats not what i meant lol

Answer #4

should i wrap like a present or two for him ? even though he can’t open it just for a picutre and to have as a memory or something?

Answer #5

Yes I wud just for the pics, arrange them in differant ways and take some pics like that for memory and photo albums

Answer #6

Of course! Just because he wont remember it doesnt mean you wont. Wrap a few presents and then sit with him in your lap and open them in front of him. Even though he wont understand its still fun for you.

Answer #7

I’d say buy the new born everything it diserves and needs..they’re just as important as you or anyone else. take many pictures and let them see how great their first x-mas was when they’re older. help him/her open the presents too! buy clothes, bottles, teething toys, bath stuff, and a couple soft toys….things like that…it’ll make it easier on you in the future too when the baby needs/wants thing it can use or play with :)

Answer #8

hes 3months haha

Answer #9

My son was a week old his first Chistmas and everyone is right they wont remember it and yes you will buy them stuff and wrap it. If you are looking for gift ideas I would get or ask for clothing, blankets, diapers and maybe a few small toys. I know that my husband and I got our son a box diapers, two outfits, a set of blankets and two small toys. Everyone will be so exited to guy he or she stuff that you really don’t have to get much. Remember to enjoy your time not to rush though it. If I could go back and do it over I would take mor pictures, its something I wish I would have got more of. :) Hope this helps. Enjoy your Christmas!

Answer #10

I would definitely buy a special ornament to comemorate the babie’s first Christmas. It will be a nice keepsake for him/her when they are older.

Answer #11

Christmas is all about family and memories. With todays hype that sometimes gets lost. I agree with mandy, lots of pics.

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