Are there any celebrities who have children with down syndrome?

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The playwright Arthur Miller had a son with Downs, born in 1966.

John McGinley, who plays Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs, has a son (named Max) who has Down Syndrome.

Also, Jenny McCarthy's son has Autism. I know it's not Down Syndrome, but she and Jim Carrey are very outspoken about Autism.

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Pete Sessions is a congresman from Texas and has a son with ds.

Gene Stallings who is the former Alabama footbal coach has a son with ds.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans had a child with ds, but she passed away at the age of 2.

Albert Pujols is a baseball player, who has a step daughter with ds.

A congresswoman in the Northwest just had a baby bay in the spring of 07 who has ds.

George Will, the writer has a son with ds.

Eva Longoria's sister is believed to have ds.

An AHL hockey player with a last name of Whitfield just had a daughter with ds.

Arthur Miller did have a son with ds but did not acknowledge him.

The current head of Disney has a nephew with ds.

The Walgreen's VP I believe in the Southeast has a son with ds.

The Barnes & Noble CEO has a child with ds.

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John C. McGinley from Scrubs. His son's name is Max.

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Jamie Foxx's sister has DS. Princess Di had a goddaughter (Domenica Lawson, the niece of Nigella Lawson) who has DS.

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Julie Newmar (7 Brides for 7 Brothers,Cat Woman) has a son with DS

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