Do cats kill mice for the fun of it?

Answer #1

I think so, its something for them to chase and that’s it

Answer #2

maybe, but maybe the cat is trying to kill the mice to eat it?

Answer #3

^_^ Yeh, Maybe. Lol My cat bought a mouse home and just left it there in the garden? lol

Answer #4

Cats have a built in program (from God), that if something is smaller than them, fuzzy, and runs, they gota eat it, but play with it for awhile too. This way, we owners don’t have to buy alot of cat toys.

Answer #5

Aha lol.. =D So they play with then eat it. My cat brought one home and left it in the garden, do you think he’s saving It?lol

Answer #6

When you put it like that, you make God sound like a right savage

Answer #7


Answer #8

Cats can bring things like mice, birds etc home because they think of it as a gift for their owner. My cat used to do it quite often.

Answer #9

Wow, a program from god… how about cats are not machines and don’t have programs and god is an idol created to attempt to give meaning to our lives, and as a role model to imitate. Cats kill mice because of their instincts they didn’t always have people to feed them. They play with their food like puppies play fight, it’s for practice they also might leave them as presents, but that depends on the cat.

Answer #10

The thrill of the chase, right? It’s just fun for them, like a game.

Answer #11

No, it’s animal instinct. They were born to hunt and mice was part of their diet.

Answer #12

Colleen, you’re a buddhist, what do you know of God the Creator, except your opinions? Can you read comments (mine was witten as funny), without being a smarty? Now whats U gonna do, delete my account?

Answer #13

where and how did they get their instinct ( also called wisdom)? from evolving from a toad? get real.

Answer #14

Really Walter? My statement was a general one…if you’d said “Vishnu” instead of “God”, it would not have changed my reply. All you’re trying to do is push buttons. You seem to think that I have some sort of superiority complex that makes it ok for me to remove anyone from the site for challenging my beliefs - well, you’re wrong…however, you have insulted me once before…You are 66 years old…time to start acting like it.

Answer #15

And for the record…I was raised a Christian…I know far more about “God” than you realize.

Answer #16

Or you could perhaps learn some biology before looking completely foolish (sorry, foolish was the mildest word i could come up with). I realize they werent teaching evolution when you were in school 50 years ago, nonetheless, it is no excuse to talk about something you obviously have no grasp of.

Answer #17

My cat enjoys killing lizards for the fun of it… (no mice around here). I guess it’s an instinct.

Answer #18

probably, unless their hungry. But my cat likes to just chase his lil mouse toys 4 fun so he proably does the same with real mice….. just for fun.

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