Cat ear piercings

Is it iligel to pierce your cat in the ear in the spot were they would normaly get thiere ear cut when theyget fixed

Answer #1

that is horrible!!! never do that! its bad enough when you walk through tehe mall and you see people getting their ears peirceed! DONT DO IT

Answer #2

Most spay and neuter clinics will cut the tip of the ear when spaying and neutring as for the reason’s Utopia listed, They even show this on Animal Planet. Also it does not get infected if it is done and taken care of in a correct enviorment, TRUST me I am against this, but I have to tell you that a vet I know did pierce her Chihuahua’s ears while she was under to be spayed. But there are big risk in this if the animal swollows this. And pets should not be treated as a accessory, Please keep the earring for yourself and by your dog a toy that would make her happy.

Answer #3

this is not a good idea at all. your cat is not a fashion statment. also if your cat gets into a fight it could be torn out and lead to an infection and could end in your cat loseing its ear altogether. please dont do this. it would cause your cat pain and woud probily rip it out its self causing problems pluse I think the rspca would not be very pleased nor your vet. be kind and leave your cats ears alone. take care hun

Answer #4

and sshaw…many vets cut the ears of a cat to show that it has been fixed. This is especially common with feral cats so they won’t be caught and have to go through anesthesia and surgery again. Feral colonies are treated in this manner. It is called cutting (the right ear and just the tip) or notching (again, the right ear with a v-shaped cut).

I am not trying to be critical, but since you work for a vet and are giving advice on animals, you really should be a little more informed.

Answer #5

Yes, that’s animal abuse and in most states it is illegal. Other than being illegal it’s just retarded and only a dumb hateful person would do this to a pet that they supposedly love. And I work at a vet’s office and I have no clue what you are talking about when you say that they get their ear cut when they get fixed. If you are talking about when they are spayed or neutered, this has nothing to do with it’s ears.


Answer #6

Actually, it is not animal abuse. Companion animals fall under the category of the Department of Agriculture and are listed with cows, chickens, etc. Farm animals are allowed to have markings placed (ear tags, tattoos, etc) and companion pet piercings would fall under that category. I must add that even though something is not illegal it does not mean that it is not cruel. To use a ‘pet’ as a fashion model is wrong. Animals are not placed here so that we may inflict such ridiculous customs on them. Leave your cat alone and let it have a good life free from immature displays of your vanity.

Answer #7

This is not a good idea, however I do have to tell you that I do know a person who did this to there dog, however she was under ansthiea at the time. BUT this is the problem, during grooming they can swollow the earring, get is caught or rip it out. or another animal swollow it. So please animals don’t need the fashion that people need, they are just animals and this means nothing to them. you cat will be happier if you treat her as a cat

Answer #8

That’s ridiculous! Its absolutly animal cruilty! If you get it pierced it will possitively get infected or ripped out an get infected anyway. You will end up paying more for the med bills to clear up the infection. There’s something wrong with a person that wants to do that to there animal.!

Answer #9

Ew what is your problem?! That’s fricken sickening! Dont ever do that to your cat, I dont care if it’s yours or not! God thats terrible.

Answer #10

Please don’t do that. Please. If you love your kitty and I bet you do, don’t pierce his/her ear. The cat doesn’t care anything about having a piercing. I know that you think it will be cute and all but…Well, I just hope you use your gut feeling and do the right thing and don’t do it.

Answer #11

Are you mad?!

Answer #12

I never said I was gointodo it I just wanted to no if it would be illegal

Answer #13

I just wanted to noif it was illigeal

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