How do you catch a mouse without killing it?

I have 3 pet mice and I keep them in a cage on an air hocky table in the basement. They 2 of them them, Bubba and Hermione, have always climbed in and out of the cage whenever they wanted. It concerned me at first, but they like it, they always go back, and there’s no way for them to get off the table. Or so I thought. I got home fro school just now, went down to check on them, and Hermione was gone! I just got her about a week ago! I looked all over the table and even emptied out a bag og Timothy Hay to she if she had crawled inside and berried herself in that. But she isn’t there! I set up her little house with soe of her favorite food in it to see if I can get her to crawl into it. I can’t lose my new baby girl! Help!

Answer #1

They sell humaine mouse traps at almost any store that sells traps. You bait the trap and when it catches it it closes a door and it traps the mouse inside without hurting it.

Answer #2

mouse traps, & those sticky thing they put on holes..

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