Cat urinating in her bed

I have 3 cats and one of them is very unsociable. We think she may have been abused before we found her with a rope around her neck and tied under a bush. We believe this experience has damaged her. We’ve had her for 7 years and no matter how we try to accommodate her, she will not stop urinating in her bed or on the floor. She’s been to the vet and there is no physical reason for this behavior. She hides in the corner under the nook in our dining room, so we put a bed under there. She peed in it so we took it away. She still peed, so we put a litter box under there. (that made dinner time a tad unpleasant!) We finally acquired 6 beds that we changed and washed once or twice a week when she would pee in them. Now we’ve removed the beds and the litter box and she just does her business on the bare floor under the table. When she does it, I put her in the litter box, which is in another room, to try to get her to associate with it. What else can I do, short of sending her to a shelter, where she’ll just be more traumatized or worse, put to sleep?

Answer #1

give her to someone who can look after her o train her well, if shes old and unhappy as much as it hurts to say, maybe it is best to put her in a shelter or to sleep.

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Answer #2

you’ve had the cat for 7 years? I work with my unkle breeding and training k9 unit dogs. he has several cats and I’ve worked at a shelter. there is nothing cruel about shelters. a shelters main purpose (like the SPCA) is to find homes for animals. you know how they say you cant teach an old dog new tricks? you can but its VERY hard. cats are very independant and you have to work with them from the time they are tiny otherwise they will run your house. your cat… is running your house. its not even so much abuse… its a control things with cats. they dont rely on a pack like dogs do. so… best of luck breakin your cat of this peeing deal… but I can almost guarantee your stuck with it peeing everywhere. sorry.

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