Cat pee

How do I get rid of the smell of cat pee. But the problem is that I don’t know where this cat peed. I often leave my windows open and the neighbors cats sneak in my room and jump out of the window, But I don’t know if they also come and pee in my room. Because yesterday I came home and me and my mom said that it was smelling like cat pee in the house and then I realized that the smell was coming from my room. How can I get rid of the horrible smell?? Yuck!!!

Answer #1

don’t you lemon scented or pine scented cleaners cause these smell like pee to the cat and they will most liklly pee there…

Answer #2

You will need a cleaner that is for “cat pee”…it breaks down the enzymes that make it smell…Try a commercial janitorial place…they would probably sell it…or Petco…

You do have to figure out where the pee is, tho…I don’t envy you that job…


Answer #3

Putting pepper on the area stops them from going in that particular spot but they tend to just go elsewhere, use a water pistol if you catch it in the act , and lots of insence (jossticks) cover up the smell very well after youve used detergant to clean the area . Try keeping some tempting clean cat litter by a door or where you know they will go. Maybe some cat treats next to it.

Answer #4

First you have to locate the smell. Try looking under your bed. Move your bed first. How you get rid of it? A carpet shampooer and a screen for your window. If you can prove that it was the neighbor’s cat, which shouldn’t be difficult if you don’t have a cat, then you can take the neighbor to court and make them reimburse you for the cost of cleaning your carpets. Hope it wasn’t on your bed.

Answer #5

If you need to find where the pee is. Use a blacklight and the pee spots will glow.

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