Cat Jumper

How do I stop my cat from jumping the fence and exploring? I am afraid she will get hit by a car, catknapped, or beat down by other natives of the neighborhood. Our other cat doesn’t do much exploring and he is quite happy with our fenced in backyard. Does anyone have any advice?

Answer #1

keep her inside at all times unless you let her out and stay beside her and watch her every move since you don’t want her to jump the fence.

Answer #2

Some cats will stay in a fenced yard, mine does, she tries to dig her way out but for some reason I dont think she knows she is able to scale fences, but if yours does there’s not much you can do about it. Also if she’s on a leash you have to be there or she could choke…

Answer #3

I have see the cat leashes but I would worry about using one that you are not watching you cat.

I would never have thought you could keep a cat in a fenced yard, I can’t so my cats don’t go outside. This way I don’t have to worry about something happening to them.

I vote make him an indoor cat.

Answer #4

I dont know if its a real concern .. please keep your cat inside.. .. there and leashes for cats.? However please dont leave your cat unattened on a leash.. hope it help. cat lover myself.. and the pound can pick up stray cats.. incase the cat gets out

Answer #5

I hate to advocate these, but there are electric shock collars (if the cat goes beyond a certain point the collar will give off a schock) apart from this, cats are naturally curious… they like to explore… I mean you could try punishment (everytime it runs away you grab it, say no, and then lock it up somewhere for a few mins), but this doesnt seem to work on exploring cats… You could try building a complete enclosure in your backyard?

Answer #6

Keep her inside…


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