Cat has cold?

I need to know if there is anything I can give him. His eyes are watery and he is sneezing! Now listen up, I cannot afford a vet and don’t go ‘if you can’t afford the vet then you shouldn’t have him’ because I used to be able to afford the vet but by dad lost his job!!! so, is there ANYTHING I can give him that won’t kill him?

Answer #1

He has a Upper Respistory Infection. Needs antibiotics. call your vet and see if they will give you meds without having to see the cat.

Answer #2

sounds like it could be a respiratory infection. at the shelter we gave 1 cc of ammoxicilian (sp?) per 5 lbs of cat. Its the light pink bubble gum medicine you get sometimes. Once a day until the symptoms clear up. Hold cat by the scruff (back of neck) and it should be easy to push a syringe in.

Answer #3

I would just leave him alone and make sure he has a warm place to lay. The worst thing for cats is aspirine, that can kill them. My cat gets colds a lot and he seems to take care of them himself!

Answer #4

Has he been vaccinated? Is he an outdoor cat?

He may have picked up a respiratory infection from another animal if he goes outside. They can also be carried in on human clothes. Those infections are treated with antibiotics, so a vet visit would be helpful.

Cats also get dust in their noses and brief illnesses same as humans do. Keep him comfortable, make sure he continues to eat and drink normally and wait it out.

Answer #5

Tick spray (kills bacterias)£3 may be a tick or flea infection . Put some healthy liquid in his food (medicine) Or maybee he has caught a mouse with an infection and swallowed the bacteria. A mouse with ticks or ringworm sounds more like it.I would go and look about ringworm on the internet and get some treatment.If there are any signs of hair loss it is probably a patch of ringworm wich can be treated with cream and antibiotics wich kill bacteria.

Answer #6

I agree with the others that it could be a respiratory infection but it also could be distemper which can KILL your cat. I would call a vet and find the money to take the cat to a vet before you possibly lose your pet.

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