Cartoon name?

There is this cartoon network movie that I can’t remember the name of it. It’s about this girl and her parents going to “vacation” and in the beginning the parents are eating and the girl wonders off and she gets into something. When she comes running back her parents are pigs and she freaks out. But then she tries to find someone to help her, and like the only other human helps her find a job (but she isn’t supposed to be seen)…and its like at this place where she cleans and they all have to give this giant frog (who is a transparent black with a mask. But when you see his arms they are frog arms) a bath and the water turns into mud and the frog starts eating people. So she yells at the “frog” to stop after he is like huge and he kinda does, then she gets fired and goes to work with all of these little spiders and the boss has really long arms that stretch really long. And she screws thing up and has to go work wit the pigs where she finds her parents . But at some point I forget when but she was going see if there was a quick way out, the way they came. And at some point she rides a bus to this house and has tea with frogs or mice or something.

Thats all I remember and I dont think it was all in that order. And there is more but I dont member.

What is the name?

Answer #1

Ah! I think thats it! thank you!

Answer #2

Spirited Away?

Answer #3

Spirited away :D

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