Cartilage and lobe piercings at the same time?

I'm 14, and have had my lobes pierced 7 times, but one time they went in crooked, and another the back sunk in, and another time they got infected (which was not my fault, we went to a friend and she decided to reuse earrings, and Then tell me after we were done) but anyways, I'm going to get them done again, and I really want to get my cartilage pierced too...should I do these seperately, or can I get them done at the same time?

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you can get them done at the same time but I think you have to keep the cartilage piercing on for a certain period of time before taking them off so they wont close ...and the normal piercing can be kept on for a shorter amount of time not sure how long sure to go with a parent and get your ears done in a sanitary place . good luck =]

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26 makes my ears hurt thinking about I think I'm going to get it done today...privided we can get out with all this thanks everyone

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well unless youve been constantly having ear troubles, theres no reason why you cant get them both at the same time a sim sure your body is strong enought to heal them both at the same time...
as well, with the earring that sunk into the back, a few of mine have donre that (I have 26! lol) the best thing to do is get a bigger backing for it and cleaning it reguarly

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It might hurt more becuase your ears are going to be irritated from which ever peircing you get first. It will acually probly hurt a lot more.
and it would probly depend on the peircing place.

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I was going to get both my lobes and cartilage done today but they said they used a gun for both so I refused to get my cartilage pierced there but yeah you cant get them pierced at the same time

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