What happened to Carmen Windstead?

Hey Guys but I dont get this carmen windstead thing because it says 6 year ago but if you type it in google like it tells you to it says 1823

Answer #1

These stories are classic Internet “urban legends.” They started on MySpace from three teenage girls trying to see how many friends they could get from it.

There is NO news report from any reliable news agency that records any story similar to the Carmen Winstead / Jessica Smith hoaxes.

According to the story, Carmen/Jessica was accidentally killed when her “friends” pushed her down a sewer. Now she will visit a horrible death upon anybody who doesn’t post her story on their MySpace page. Later versions of this story were sent as more conventional e-mail chain letters. There’s also a nearly identical version with a victim named Jessica Smith.

The story appears in emails and text similar to this…

Carmen (Jessica) and the rest of her class were on a fire drill and 5 girls trying to embarrass Carmen pushed her down a sewer when she didnt come up they called the police and the girls said she fell the police belived them. FACT:two months later a boy got the text of Carmen and didnt send it later that nite the boy went to the bathroom and heard laughter and out of fear he ran into his room grabbed his cell to send the txt later that nite his mom was awakened by a loud noise two months later they found the boy in a near by sewer eye balls gone skin peeled off and mouth gaping open.

(Taken from Wikipedia.com)

Answer #2

Carmen Winstead, pushed into a sewer by other girls ends up dying, then - somehow - kills you if you don’t repost her story … is a myth - it never actually happened.

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