Can you have a career and be a horse jockey?

Answer #1

Well I could not, way to heavy.

Answer #2

On yes you can. Our marketing supervisor here is a pro football player. So yes you can.

Answer #3

Well all the ones I have seen where about 4 foot tall and about 100 pounds.

Answer #4

I don’t see why not unless ur to heavy to b a jockey

Answer #5

In career world, it is the brain, not the size. :-P LOL

Answer #6

or maybe I am misunderstood the question ???

Answer #7

well like i want to be an architect, but i love horses and racing, im only 5’3 and i only need to loose a little to have the weight requirements… and i didnt know if you could do both

Answer #8

A jocky is the person that rides the horse through the race, if the guy is half the weight of the horse, that would not be good.

Answer #9

Well you are also 14 and still growing, it is not good for you to diet to meet a requirement you could grow out of.

Answer #10

You definitely can. I know a guy who is a mechanic and a horse trainer (he lives on a farm and trains standardbred trotters). You would need to have some flexibility in your career (architect), so that you can leave early to get to races etc (the guy I know has made arrangements with management to work different hours when he’s racing). Be forewarned, it is alot of work, you might have to keep crazy hours to cover both careers.

Answer #11

thank you!!

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