How well do you care about your pets?

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They r treated so well they don't get pet food from the store, I take tie and cook thr food

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aww...xx thats so cute :) we cool my cat some food on a speical occaison, like if we are eating something speical like on christmas day we make something specail for him he doesnt start annoying

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i mean we cook :P lol

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Lol I know wat u meant, and it actually cheaper for me to cook it rather than buyin that bad stuff

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yeh true...what sort of suff so u make for him?? i think i might tell my sister to make it instead because it is cheaper..have u got a cat too? girl or boy? lol :P

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they have beds nd toys and food sand treats. walks too . i play with them for exersize

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My cat is on a special diet where I pay $36 for a 6 lb bag, and his cans of food costs $2 each. I take him to his eye doctor every 3 months because he has glaucoma. He gets brushed almost everyday because thats our relaxing time together, and he has plenty of toys since he is an indoor cat. I'd say he's got it great!

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hermitcrab care

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my cat has too many toys

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I make a mixture, beef, rice, corn, peas, chicken, and green beans, I do also have to buy a liquid vitamin to put in thr as well but it only cost 5 dollars

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Corn? You do know corn is not healthy for dogs...right?

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Yes I do know, my vet said I cud just don't put very much

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My boys (dogs) are spoiled outrageously (but still trained to behave). My two wee boys (a pug and a Chihuahua) have their own dresser filled with clothes, they have a toy box full of toys and I make their own food as its better for them than most commercial pet food. I spend at least an hour a day exercising them so they are in perfect shape. They sleep in bed with us and the wee boys even have car seats to sit in when we go places. : )

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I treat my pets as a part of the family. They eat with me, sleep with me and get lots of attention. My cats have so many toys I am tripping over then all day :0)

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Corn is a very common allergy for dogs, and it's not good for a dog's digestive system. Plus, it has little to no nutrients. I've never heard of a vet telling a dog owner that it's okay to feed their dog corn.

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It is her dog and i think she nos whats right??

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Yes, it's her dog...and she can feed it whatever she likes. I am just stating facts. Corn is not good for dogs.

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And I appreciate the facts that u gave cuz a lot of people don't know corn is not really a "good" thing to give them

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My sister has a little dog and I have a cat, they are treated like babies! Haha, we buy them the best food, and our dog even drinks out of a teacup and saucer! Animals really do become part of the family.

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lol is it bad to give an animal chocolate :P lol

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Yes! There is a chemical in chocolate that is toxic to dogs.

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My cat is like my baby extremely spoilt but actually quite obedient (she actually comes when called, she'll also occasionally sit for a treat). My house is littered with toys. She has a basket where they're kept and she'll take them out when she wants to play. No bed because she pees in them for some unknown reason. She gets brushed and bathed every so often.

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Just dogs?

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I believe it is all animals...because it's even toxic to infants, and small children.

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lol Its hard not to spoil them! :)

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Really?? didnt no that :/

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Yep. Check this out, I answered this not too long ago -

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lol yup thats true :P

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Ok :L My cat his eye keeps on getting watery, only one eye, do you think he has hit it somewhere??

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There are several things that could cause your cats eyes to water. It could be an allergy, infection, or disease, even a cold or you should take your cat to the vet so they can diagnose the exact problem, and treat it. They may just give you medicine or some eye drops for your cat.

Also, your cat may just have something in his eye.

It could be something simple, and nothing to worry about...or it could be really serious and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

So, take your cat to the vet...that's the best thing you can do.

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if you buy a pet you should treat it like yor kid in a way. they have feelings and they can feel pain and neglect. watch thouse aspca comercials. though ppl are cruel and do not deserve pets. i treat all my pets very good and give them a lot of attention. so that is my opoinion on this subject.

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thanks :) i will take him to the vet

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