Car Wreck.

I got into a car wreck on December 12th. I pulled out and hit a car in the rear corner panel. The guy called the cops but he left before they got there so there was no report filed and I didnt get a ticket or nothing. They guy got my name, address and phone number. He never called or nothing. I got a letter in the mail with 2 receipts in with the letter. He wants me to pay for a tire, rim, and his tired neede to be adjusted, along with the body work that needs to be done to his car.

I understand it was my fault for hitting him but how do I know he didnt have insurence at the time and he left the scence and there was no report ever taken. I asked a buddy’s dad that is a cop and he told me not to worry about it and tell him to f*ck off.

What should I do?

Answer #1

dont file a report. give him half of what is on each receipt. only half because its his fault he didnt file a report himself. because if he did his insurance wouldve invested in the damage. this will save you money and stress.

Answer #2

Give him a time and date to meet you down at the Police Department to file a report - I suspect you’ll hear nothing - he left the scene leaving it unable to be properly investigated, especially as to fault.

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