Cant loose weight !

Hey people
Im 13 years old and I weigh 8st 2pounds and I want to try lose it but I cant seem to stop eating hcolate and crisps and fatty oods like chips or natchos and mcdonalds could any one hel me try stop my erges for theese foods and how could I loose the weight quiker ?
Thankyouu how can I loose that in 30 days and will ii see a difference on myy bum andd stomach kinda :)

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ii weighh 8st 2 poundss imm aa reyte fatty but I dont look it but my bum is massive and I really wanna loose abit ov theee bum and loose my beely kindaa

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im am just like 13 and 8st 5 pounds but I don't reallyy look it I have like heavy bones lol but im not skinny if ya no what I meen but im not fat lol im normal but I dont wanna b normal I wanna b thin!x! I try to exercise all I can and just pinch myself weneva I feel the urge to eat fatty foods or drink water which fills me up most of the time but doesnt giv me the satisfaction lol...hope I helped..slightly :S... :)

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how much do you weighh? lol.

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