Candy melted onto clothes

I went to the laundry mat, normally I make it a habit to check the dryer before I put my wet clothes in, but yesterday I was in to much of a hurry and didnt check. when I got my clothes out, I was noticing lil pinkish red spots on some of my sheets, but then I saw one of my socks stuck in the dryer, I pulled it out, and with the sock came a long melts blob of what looks like a cherry starburst… So the sock im not at all concerned with, but some of the candy got onto some of my other clothes and my white sheets that I use for my massage business… Does anyone know a trick of getting the candy off..and the maybe something other than bleach to get out the stain??? Please help

Answer #1

Ok there are a couple of things to get the candy off…

  1. Put an ice cube on the Starbust and freeze it, then it should peel off.
  2. Warm water - since Starbursts are sugar-based, warm water should dissolve it.

As for the stain, you can try an all-natural alternative to bleach, but I’d use bleach. It’s the only thing I know that will get it super white again.

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