How come there's so many canadians on the internet?

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Can't tell for sure, but I guess the web has become insanley popular in Canada. It's popular everywhere. If you open your eyes and really see... there's people from all around the world on the web. :)

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Because we're constantly snowed in and have nothing better to do!

In all seriousness, though, we have a lot of technology backing us up. Laptops, netbooks, desktops, cellphones with internet.. I don't know of many households that don't have at least one internet-ready device.

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The same reason why there's alot of Americans on the Internet...Because they're bored :p

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Because they are taking over the world.....hahahahaha....

Just kidding, they're probably just bored like the rest of the world.

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Because Canada is like Montana - you have 9 months of winter each year. Playing outside in a blizzard is only fun the first few times when your young and stupid.

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true to that! :)

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