How much do things usualy cost in canada I.e. Vodka and coke,

How much do things usualy cost in canada I.e. Vodka and coke, B and H silver or soverign (Fags), and genewral things bread, milk, butter etc. thanks xx

Answer #1

B and H Silver or Sovereign are fags (cigerettes) or any brand really malbro, superkings, mayfair, pall mall, davidoff etc.

Answer #2

Mine are the same prices as ‘ichianarky’ but I know out West (like in Calgary) things are much more costly.

Answer #3

It depends on your location.

I don’t know what B and H Silver or Sovereign is supposed to be - don’t think we even have that here, but the province you go to and the town in that province varies greatly in cost.

Where I am, vodka and coke will cost you about $5 (unless you are talking separately - vodka $30/bottle, coke $2/bottle), bread is $2, milk is $6 for a 4L bag, and a pound of butter is $5

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