Can you tell me some Punk Rock Love Songs ?

Well I’m going through some personal issues, and was wondering if you could name some punk rock love songs for me, because I’m trying to find a song that I can relate to. Please just list any songs that you like, that are related to relationship trouble.


Answer #1

take care- a change of pace truth of my youth- new found glory day late friend- anberlin your life and mine- just surrender crazy- just surrender heart attack- sum 41

Answer #2

TSOL… ‘Code Blue’… or if necrophilia is a little bit adult for you Generation X… ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ or Slick Shoes… “Alone’ or The Ataris cover of… ‘Boys of Summer’

Answer #3

bad religion sorrow pennywise fuck authority anti-flag turncoat killer black flag my war polar bear club heart attack at thirty

thats just a few

Answer #4

‘ Since You stole my Heart” is a really good song by Saturday Looks Good To Me. No really punk, more indie type, but really good.

Answer #5

like the angel. and savior by rise against

Answer #6

carmalita g.g allin

Answer #7

sorry dude I dont beleive any of the songs I said were love songs…there punk rock songs tho

Answer #8

Bro Hymn - Pennywise

Answer #9

green day she , extraordinary sum 41 best of me ,with me ,heart attack blink 182 I miss you

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