Can you pop your cherry more than once?

ok sooo last night my boyfriend fingered me and I later found a blood stain on my pants and it kinda hurt to pee. lol but I know its not my period because im on birth control. im still a virgin but im on it to regulate myperiods. anyways, a couple weeks ago my boyfriend fingered me and there was blood too…but it wasnt as much as this last time. so yea my quesiton is - can you pop it twice? because my body isnt making sense to me anymore… help :(

Answer #1

so its been a few times… this has happened 3 times now…what do I do!!

Answer #2

After a few times, it shouldn’t bleed anymore. But for right now, there’s nothing you can do about it. If he has long fingernails that might be scratching it, so make sure he keeps them short for you ;-) It shouldn’t continue after a few times.

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I thought you could pop it in other ways then just sex. I read the other questions and they say you can pop it with athletics or just using a tampon improperly. so it can definately pop if you are fingered… I know it doesnt grow back, but can he finger me without getting blood on his hands?

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no , popping your cherry means breaking your hymen when you loose your virginity, once you have lost it, it doesnt grow back of course

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so then will I bleed each time he fingers me? ps thanks a lot guys. your advice really helps

Answer #6

so then will I bleed each time he fingers me? ps thanks a lot guys. your advice really helps

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Not everyone has the same kind of hymen. There are diferent kinds believe it or not! Usually putting ones finger in there won’t break your hymen. If you do things like ride horses or take gymnastics or ever did, you might have already broke or stretched your hymen. My first time didn’t hurt at all but one of my friends said her first time was very painful. Everyone’s body is different. He might just need to trim his fingernails or is being a little too rough or you’re not lubricated enough. Take a mirror with you next time you go to the bathroom and take a look around down there! Look for any cuts or scratches and most of all, get to know your girl parts!

Answer #8

sooo can I get fingered without getting blood on my boyfriends hands?

Answer #9

ps im still a virgin.

Answer #10

Because you are still a virgin, he may be tearing your hymen each time. Just make sure his fingernails arent long, and his hands are clean.

Answer #11


your “”cherry”” is a thin layer of tissue at the entrance of your vagina. It stretches and tears to permit things into the vagina. You will always have some remnant of it until giving birth vaginally.

A different angle or a scratch can cause it to bleed. Don’t worry, it’s normal! :)

xox Sika

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