Can you perm your hair and color die it the same day?

Wa up yall, im tryna color dye ma hair and get it relaxed the same day because its really nappy! Also in black, with really nappy hair

Answer #1

NO!!! Your hair will break off!!!

Answer #2

you want to wait at least 2 weeks

Answer #3

No no no!!

Answer #4

Im african american and in the past I permed then dyed my hair all in the same day! BUT I only did this because at this time I was already wearing a short & sassy hair style which if it started breaking I would never notice the difference. I wouldnt suggest this if you have a nice length of hair to begin with either you can dye your hair first or perm your hair first but wait a weeks time in between to do one or the other. not both in the same day. you can only if your hair is already short

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