Can you name any hot actors for me..

Hot ACTORS? do you know any…?

Answer #1

There’s lots of nice faces and etc. but the characters they play can make them cool - I can’t think of a single one…except my husband ooohhh baby

Answer #2

Johnny Depp Skeet Ulrich Josh Halloway (Sawyer From Lost) Adrian Grenier

Answer #3

Hayden Christensen Robert Pattinson Daren Kagasoff Nick Zano Cam Gigandet

Answer #4

robert pattinson gaspard ullie uuhh taylor something hah

Answer #5

I love the boy from titanic whats his name uhh…damn I forgot, the guy who played jake or somethin

Answer #6

Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson !!! I love him!!!

Answer #7

Johny Depp Julian McMahon Brian Krause Brad Pitt Hugh Jackman…

Answer #8

mark wahlberg known as marky-marky in tha 90’s he is freaking sexy

Answer #9

johnny depp orlando bloom gus carr steven strait hayden christensen eric dane jared leto ryan reynolds jonny lee miller johnny whitworth sean patrick flanery norman reedus jeremy sisto matthew lillard clive owen freddy rodriguez ryan gosling michael vartan rory cochrane steve lemme scott cohen trevor fehrman

Answer #10

My friend is cousins with Nick Zano! I think he’s pretty hot.

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