Can you make up a scary story for me?

Make up the scarist one you can long or short!!

Answer #1

once upon a time there was this couple that were on vacation in a smal quiet town. they were staying in a motel with only one other resident. the first night they were there they heard loud thumping on the ceiling like B00M B00M B00M!. they just thought it as pies or maybe somthing outside so they just went back to sleep. the next day they saw the person that was in the room over them dragging a really big bag out to his car but they didn’t think nothing about it. so they went back to their room. later that night they heard the loud thumping again it went B00M B00M B00M B00M. but it didn’t stop so they went to check it out. they went upstairs to the other room. and knocked on the door. the man answered. they asked him what the sound was and he said he didn’t hear anything. but he asked them to stay for dinner… when they sat down to eat to he dissapeared behind a curtain but he still told them to eat. the he came out of the back with axe and cut both of their heads off. then he put their bodies in bags and then the people finally found out what the B00M B00M B00M was he was playing basketball with peoples head but this time he was playing with their heads. so next time you hear a B00M B00M B00M. just leave the motel don’t go check it out

-the end

Answer #2

There was a newlywed couple looking for a hotel room to stay in for the night. So they stop at this hotel and they talk to the owner that says “I have a room, but its haunted” the couple says “thats ok we’ll take it anyways’. They get to the room, and they hear a voice, a voice that says “I’m gonna getcha I’m gonna eatcha” and they run away, screaming in terror. Another couple comes in, asking for a room. The owner says “I have one, but its haunted”. The couple replies “bah, we’ll take it anyways”. They get in the room, and hear a voice saying “I’m gonna getcha I’m gonna eatcha” and they run away screaming in terror. A third couple comes in and asks for a room, and the owner says “I have one room left, its haunted, and it already scared out the last 2 couples in it. If you take it, you have to stay the night”. The couple said “sure”. So they get to the room, and they hear a voice saying “I’m gonna getcha I’m gonna eatcha”. The husband opened the closet door, where the voice was coming from, and in the closet was a kid picking his nose saying “I’m gonna getcha I’m gonna eatcha”.

Answer #3

HI! Sure, this is easy! In real life, considering your race, you have a 38% chance of spending time in prison. And, if that comes true, you then have a 83% chance of going back to prison for a really long time, after you get out of prison the first, and get caught messing up again. Now the scary part is hat will likely happen to you WHILE you are in prison. Broom and Mop handles fit into all sorts of places! And there will be pain so bad that you will easily prefer to be dead instead of going through it. And of course, all this time in prison means there is that long you are not going to college, not pursuing your dreams. And just in case you need more story. 99.7% of the guys you meet don’t give a damn about your heart and mind, only to get into your pants and let their load go. Have a nice life! Don

Answer #4

AHHH HAHAHA @91chevy87ec your so silly I like that story

Answer #5

Once upon a time, you were home alone. All of a sudden, Congressman and Congresswomen surrounded your house. They inched closer, and closer, and closer, until finally they broke in. Obama walked in with a straw, and the congress surrounded you. Then, you screamed in terror for your life. Obama took the straw, stabbed it into your purse, and started sucking. And sucking. And sucking. And then they all left.

Answer #6

All around me there is a blue haze. This house’s wood floors beneath my legs and hands so familiar. I move cautiously about only to cringe at the sound of their laughter. Their giddy howls echo in my mind as I slink around the wooden walls to the grass outside.The hunters can be heard in the glow of a mon I can not see but only feel. Beneath me the fresh cut grass has never changed in this place. It is a perfection which the monster I am, is not. Ifeel as I violate its being with my touch. as a polluting river flowing across it now. They hunt me I know for sure as I slide away into the trees. But it is here the voices grow louder. Their steps move onto me and with allmy might I cannot escape it.

But what is scary? Is this a beast or not? hmm What is in ones mid, more scary than what really is. And are they hunted or merely just afraid of something that is not hunting. :) Yea I dont know where this stuff comes from… But it was fun. Hope you got some new ideas :)

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