Can you lose 1/2 pound a day?

Is that a reasonable goal? To lose about 1/2 a pound a day? (or 15 pounds in a month)

Is that healthy? Can it happen?


Answer #1

it can happen if you work very hard at the gym and eat right.. they say 2 lbs a week is healthiest but pssshht ii wouldnt mind losing 10 in a week.

Answer #2

well it can happen but a better goal is to lose 1 1/2 pounds a week. and measure it on a weekly basis not a daily basis cause your weight can go up or down 3 pounds a day depending on how much water you drink or what you’re digesting at the time.

Just eat healthy. steam or boil your food. grill your meat so the fat drips off and it’s not soaking in it. dont’ drink soda (even diet soda). don’t fry anything. little changes to a healthier lifestyle will cause you to lose weight.

if you lose weight too fast, it is more likely that you are losing muscle weight as well as fat weight. and you don’t want to lose muscle weight because muscles are what burns the fat.

take on some light exercise. walk or jog a mile every day (in addition to what you usually walk).

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