Can you get pregnant if..

Can you get pregnant if a guy puts cum on his finger and then just inside of a woman's vagina? Twice..

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a lot of people think the sperm die once they hit the air but this is not always true it actually takes a few minutes before they die so they can still get you preg, when put near the vagina. also if a guy cums on you thigh due to the pull out method then you also get preg. that way (even if it is not touching your vagina because the few min. they are alive after ejaculation they can travel

so anythings possible

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There is a chance but it is very low. And sperm can actually live up to 5 days once they have come out of a males penis.

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she can get pregant and that really was a stupid thing to do.

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Yes...why would he do that?

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well yes you can...

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