Can you get an abortion at 16 without parental consent

I think my boyfriend and I made a little mistake. It was my first time and we used the pull-out technique but then found out that that wouldnt even work anyway because of weird stuff. I live in maine and I think I would need a parents signature. I HATE the abortion thing and I doubt I’d do it. I just need to know for my boyfriend.

Answer #1

I dont think so…my sis ironicly had an abortion the other day and she wouldnt have made it through that with out having my mom with her…even though shes 18 but still…I guess she couldnt exactly handle it alone…I dont doubt it..

Answer #2

um I no that this is like a bad ancwer and I problary shouldnt say dis but fake the sighnater

Answer #3

What do you mean for your boyfriend? Just in case, don’t do it because he wants you to, if you want to keep it do it. But anyways I don’t think you can at the age of 16.

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