Can you get a tatto if you are 15 and have a parent with you?

My 15th birthday is comming up, and my mom will let me get a tatto. What are the tatto laws in New Hampshire or Massachusessts?

can I get a tatto at age 15?

Answer #1

hm…are ypu girls sure that NO? my sister is 15 and shelives in Massachusessts. she’s got a tatoo. you just need a parent who will let u. that’s all I know

Answer #2

alright im sure if you are 15 and you go to get one with your mom there they may let you im 15 and have one they let me get one with my om there but if one plcae does not let you try a few more that what I had to do!!

Answer #3

no the legal age is 18 some places will do you at 16 with parental consent but even then those people are illegally tattooing you its best to wait untill your legally 18 and are 100% sure of what you want on you for life

Answer #4

Maybe… it depends on the tattoo artist and their standards. When my cousin got one to honor one of his friends that got killed in a car accident, he wasn’t 18. His parents went with him, signed some forms and agreed to it. It turned out REALLY nice. Call up some local places and see what they say. Also, be sure you REALLY want the tattoo before you get it, they’re a real b*tch to remove.

Answer #5

I got some stars on my side going up

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