Can you finger a girl while on her period?

okay, so I just got my period today (friday), and me and my boyfriend are supposed to stay the night together, and he always fingers me.. but, can he finger me while I'm on my period?

help quick!!

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yes, but it will be messy!

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well I tell my boyfriend that I am on my period before he fingers me.I am not all that confortable with him fingering me when I am on my period. so what he does instead is just rub me there.

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Im 15, if I was you I would tell him that you wish you could be fingured, but you have your periods and suggest next friday or A.S.A.P. But instead go for a whamy make out and maybe play with him instead. Once your boyfriend finds out you have your periods he will be cool with that because remember you'll have your periods till your 60 so he better get use to not finguring you every friday. Once your boyfriend finds out want its like finguring you with your periods he might be put off, so if I was you I wouldn't let him fingure you till your periods are gone.

xoxoxo Zoe xoxoxo

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Yes you can and you can also have intercourse. Obviously there will be blood around so spread towels on the bed. No harm will come from having intercourse and some men like it as the vagina is usually warmer and also the smell is quite pleasant to some.
Treating a girl gently while she is having her period and letting her decide what she wants is very thoughtful and kind and in no circumstances should the man express or show signs of disgust. The girl's period is normal and may be a nuisance but is not to be turned away from.
Why not give the girl a special little cuddle at this time?

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well,if your scared,you should tell him,and if he fingers you every time,without your permission,it could be should tell him not to if you dont want him to.if he doesnt listen,he doesnt deserve a girlfriend.

but sadly,I'll answer.yes,as lond as he doesnt enter

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I mean he can finger you if he wants blood on him but maybe you guys should try takin a shower together and he can do it there because I heard your period goes up when your and the shower

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yes. he can finger you if hes willing. it wont be messy if you do it in the shower. but in most cases, unless the guy really doesnt care, then your guy will hold off on the fingering for next week.

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yeah he can but it will be gross and messy. :D

but if he's willing to do it, just make sure you have a towel or something handy. :)

-rachhh. <3

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u could but thats a big mess unless yall are n the shower or the bath I was faced with the same situation we just took a bath and did it there

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if i were u i would tell him so that he wouldnt cuz its like ur first time u dont want anything bad to happen to u do u ?

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Well he could but it's not recommended. I am sure once you tell him that you are on your period he will most likely not want to perform the ceremonial fingering.

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my girlfriend uses a pad, I just rub the clit, and we both enjoy it, and I've never gotten any blood or anything on my fingers from it

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yeah he can. :D
but why would he want to? as soon as you tell him your on your period he will probably want to wait. :D

hope I helped. :)

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yes he can finger you because as long as he dosen't put his penis in your vigina your fine honey it's normal.

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It won't hurt you. But it will be messy. It's his discretion really.

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well yeah... but it'd be fucking gross.
cause you'd get blood all over your fingers XD
but if your into that kinda shit, go for it buddie.

take care, x

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UGh that is disgusting. why would you even want him to do that with you on your period. lol girl you better wait til you get off.

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Look, If I were you I wouldn't even enjoy it to know my boyfriends finger is in the there. If you are to embarrased to tell him, schedule it for another day and just tell him you are not up to it that night. that your not feeling well. He will probable be okay with that, maybe a little hurt. but if you clear it up with a substitution I bet it will be fine

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If you're dating and both serious, it shouldn't be embarrassing or awkward to admit you're on it and be upfront about your feelings towards him doing it to you. Especially if you both are comfortable and aware with what you're getting into..if he knows you're on it and he still approaches you and goes for it if he's in the mood, then he's obviously comfortable with getting somewhat messy and doesn't mind something that happens to every girl in their life. My boyfriend and I just did this, and I was a little weirded out that he wanted to, but I love him and wasn't going to stop him from doing something that emotionally benefits the both of us's natural and there's no "gross-ness" or problem with it as long as you two are serious and can be open about your sex life...

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