Can you eat and kiss underwater?

Is it possible to either eat something or kiss someone underwater?

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no you couldn't eat becasue when youd open your mouth to put the food in your mouth would be full of water so you probably shouldn't try to eat

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I wouldn't try eating because your food will get soggy and stuff but I guess if you put it in your mouth before and go down then it won't. I would think making out with someone underwater would cause you both to get water in your mouth but if it's a closed mouth kiss, yes you can.

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the kissing thing is kind of difficult. I've tried. The hardest part was staying underwater in the appropriate position long enough for a kiss. It was fun to try, though.

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You get definitely kiss under water, as long as its a peck. I don't know about eating though - then again I've never tried.

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YES!!! You may get a little water in your mouth and your food might get soggy or slip way and attract some animals depending on where your at.

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Lol you obviously cant eat underwater. Kissing is possible

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I don't think is a good idea but give it a trial>>>

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