Can you dye your hair just after an ear piercing?

I’m planning on getting my cartilage pierced near the end of june but I also want to dye my hair around this time.

(I’m getting these things done then because it’s the end of my GCSE’s :))

But I heard that if you’ve just had a piercing, you can’t dye your hair for some reason.

Is it true, and if so why? If not, should I be okay to do that?


Answer #1

I wouldnt.. I would wait a while because if your hair dye is strong it could get into your peircing and get it infected.. Ouch. But yeah thats my opinion.

Answer #2

Yes, it is okay to finish piercing your ear and just getting a hair dye after…its okay because your hair does not have nothing to do with your ears. your ears are not gonna get infected by the hair your going to be OKAY! GOOO GETTT YOURRR HAIIRR DYYEEEDD

Answer #3

well first off dont get it peirced why some inexpirienced idiot at a salon or mall who uses the gun I wont bother explaining why but the only profesional peircing is done with a surgical steel needle also its not really reccomended because of all the chemicals in hair dyes which could aggrivate the new wound, make it swell up and possibly cause an infection, or worse it would be best to wait at the very least 2 weeks after you got the peircing to dye your hair but the peircing wont heal properly untill around 3 months

Answer #4

I would recommend getting your piercing done…by a professional with a surgical stainless steel needle. you can sometimes find doctors who will do it nowadays too. I had my ears done by my doctor.

and don’t dye your hair for at least 4 weeks after you have this done…the chemicals in the dye will cause swelling, infection and possibly keloid scar tissue to form in your new piercing…wait until it heals to dye your hair

Answer #5

why dont you just dye your hair first.. simple as lol

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