Can you fake a job age

I can deinately work at like a 16yr old job for shure, im tall and have a lil mustache har growing, and I seem very mature and confiddent. Can I fake my age for a 16yr old job, im 14 and going 2 be 16 in 1month

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Illegal. Plus if they find out about it after they employ you, they will fire you. Then you have a bad rererence.
Not worth it aye.

Try being an "unofficial labourer" I did for a while. Basically it is illegal but hard to prove. I did basic oil changes, oil filter/air filter changes/cleans and clean/lube/tighten chain, test and clean sparkplugs, clean actual bike, on a bunch of motorbikes. My dad was with a bunch of Harley guys and our place was often used as a meeting point. (Big garage). So they let me do that whenever they couldnt be bothered while they drunk beer while I slaved away then they just gave me cash when I was done and they were satisfied. Would range a LOT in amount too. Not always for the better mind you. But could sometimes give good cash.

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not really
and if you did
its illegal
also you can be fined if they find out
and you wont have the same rights
like if you were injured or something, because you lied about your age there not responsible for you
if you dont have a lot of money and dont want to possibly end up going to jail
just wait and be honest

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they normally ask for you birth certificate and social security number. Its because of child labor laws. That way, if your over sixteen, then if you sign an agreement, and the place you work burns down and you die or are injured, your parents can sue the place you worked at. That won't apply if your under 16. That is why they wont accept you.

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the jobs I can get suck, I can only be a bag boy and a golf caddy, if I was a golf caddy id be like some sleezy 40yr old white guys bi*ch

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Nooo. You will probly have to show a birth certificate, drivers lisense and social security. and if you did get the job somehow when they found out you would have goten in sooo much trouble.

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Most places ask you for your Social Security number,and ID,or birth certificate.

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So your 14 and your going to be 16 in a month huh lol
Well you need to show proof of age or birth certificate, well you do in australia anyway

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You should look at the worker rights in your state there are some places that let you work at 14.

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lol of course you can lie about your age. but you never know they might ask you about your ageee, and prove of itt!

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I would worry less about your age and more about whether there is a math test for employment.

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.nn.I wish I had your problem

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