Can you eat/drink cold things when on your period?

such as ice cream or popsicles..or something chill

and you go thru cramps and stuff like that?

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eating ice on your period is a bad thing

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I cant eat like oranges or bananas or anything high o iron or like lemon juice because that gives me more cramps but I can eat ice cream and stuff like that!

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ahahaha... gaw I love you questions hon! lol... they remind me of health class...lmao! :P but yeaa... there's a whole bunch of myths and taboos, about what stuff you can/can't eat when you're on your period!!

I've heard it's a bad thing to eat/drink cold stuff when a girl is on her period - cause it makes your period longer!! but heck, I still eat ice cream!! and I'm a-okay and my period still stays for 4-5 days!! but everyone is different!! (ex. people say exercise is good when your on your period!!... but for me...HA! it just gives me BIG TIME CRAMPS!!) and unlike gocubs1616, I eat bananas on my period cause I find it helps sooth my cramps :P lol... we're all different!! do whatever suits your body! - you know it best!

gracie <3

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but can eating it cause it to hurt your
reproductive system and cause you not to have
babies if you eat too much while on it?

Is eating ice cream or anyting cold bad for your period?

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