Can This Game Be Played On The Xbox 360???

I got this game for my birthday, and it is for the xbox. I was wondering if it would play on the xbox 360 because that is what I own. (I dont have regular Xbox. , just Xbox 360) The game is called: Burnout Revenge

my bro says its not playable but does anyone know from experience? Or just look it up. PLease I really need to know!!!

Answer #1

Try it. It should work because I did that with ninja gaiden and I played it alright. The controls might make it wack , but it should be playable.

Answer #2

Doesn’t look like you’re in luck:

But why not just put it in and try anyway?

Answer #3

why dont you try it on your 360???

Answer #4

My parents told me not to open it so if it does not work I can return it…

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