Can't pleasure her, need advice!!

Me and my girlfriend been dating for nearly seven months were both 16. Recently I've tired fingering her. When I finger she tells me it fells great. But she has never orgasmed.. She doesn't moan when I finger her.. Basically I have no real clue what im doing. Can anybody give me advice on what I should or how I should finger her. I would also like to know, if my girlfriend doesn't moan when im fingering her does that mean im not doing it right or something? I need as much help as I can get. Please give me as much detail as possible. Thanks in advance..


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horny345 just want to let you know that listened to your advice and I did everything you said and my girlfriend really enjoyed everything I was doing. She was moaning and groaning. It was SO good. Once I started to explore her body she really liked it. Thanks for the advice it was great. If you have anymore advice please share.


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Thanks horny345 for your advice thats sounds like it will work. I will let you know if it works.


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hey just use your middle finger , make sure your nails are short , don't do it too rough or too slow cause you might kill the spirit lol abd she probaly just ashamed too moan I hope I helped


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Thanks everyone im gonna go and try it. I really needed other peoples thoughts on it.


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dude your 16 and I am 15 now at least just get the balls man dont be afraid she will love you anyways trust me

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haha dued, get the balls to do it! haha she not gunna hate u. she gunna love it. I'm a girl. I know she gunna love it.

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thanks for advice, I haven't tried to eat her out and I haven't tried to lick her clit. I don't think I'd have the balls to go and do that. Anyone out there got any tips on how to get my girlfriend really in the mood or anything that could help her orgasm. Thanks


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well she migth be imbarsed to moan. and use your middle finger if your fingering her. maby that will work, but she might just be imbarsed to moan. or you could eat her out, witch means to lick her insted of useing your finger. I heared it feels goood to be lick there.

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look, rub her, oan yourself first get into have her rub you, look im 16 too, I dont have a guy, I masterbate, love rubbin and fingering, if she says she likes it rub gentle then hardre, tease her just gently put yourfinger over her vag and drag it rub her inner leg, rub her boobs, get lost in her explore her, then just do what feels natural it will come to you, if you really are ready and she is your bodies will know what to do, make her arch and moan before you penatrate her with your fingers or your dick, and she will have an awesome orgasm!!

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awww your wlecome, :P haha

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eat her out.lick her clit.

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Well, some girls don't moan, simple as that. They say there is a porn star in every girl, but those are usually the self consious girls who think they have to moan to make the guy happy. If they don't moan it doesnt mean they don't like it, it just might mean they are concentrating way too hard on feeling the goodness :P Also, she may moan just to make you happy. Let her know to be herself and that her moaning or lack of moaning isnt going to make you dislike her any. Hope that helps, because from the looks of it horny345 already answered your sex question :P

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