Can't find lyrics for hollister song

I work at hollister and I can never get away from the register in time to check song titles .. What’s that one song that’s really upbeat and is like “take another little piece of my heart”? .. And there’s another one that’s like “it’s a shot in the dark”? They’ve both been playing at my store for a while now but none of us have any idea what they are and with back to school shopping being crazy we’re too busy to run over to the screen when they start playing. I’m trying to make a cd and I’ve tried googling lots of times with no answers so any help would be appreciated =) thanks!

<3 tara

Answer #1

Berlinda Carlisle - “Shot In The Dark” Dusty Springfield - “Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart”

-Try those-

Answer #2

hey thanks but those aren’t the ones .. I already tried all the google results. they’re like definitely newer songs and upbeat, both sung by guys .. thanks though =)

Answer #3

I too.

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