Can someone please give me advice/feedback on this!!

My Son Nicholas ( 10 years old) has his public speaking speech coming up in 2 weeks & hes already made it out of his whole school now hes going up against other schools in the district, I’m really excited & nervous for him, if you ask me personally I think they put too much pressure on the kids at such a young age but then again it does also prepare them for whats to come in high school & uni so it has its good & bad,

anyway I can if I want to change a few things as he still has a bit of time left before the big day, I wrote this myself so it might have its little errors here & there,

any advice/feed back would be great, thx heaps & wish him luck, thank you people xx

Don’t be afraid of Sharks

  1. What happens to you, when you hear the music from the movie JAWS? Do chills run down your spine? Do you think of sharks coming out of the depths at you?

  2. Our active imaginations have made sharks into modern day monsters. But I’m here to convince you that there is no need to be afraid of sharks!

  3. The reality is that not many people are eaten alive by sharks, last year there were only 100 recorded shark attacks & that was worldwide!

  4. So if you compare that to the billions of people living in the world today, then your chances of being attacked by a shark are 1 in 65,000,000 & most of the victims of shark attacks survive anyway.

  5. Now if you look at the diet of a shark you will find out that human flesh is not on the menu,That is a big relief to me!!! They eat fish & other marine animals, some sharks survive totally on a diet of plankton.

  6. On the rare occasion that sharks do attack, they usually turn away after the first bite anyway because they don’t like our flavor, So why exactly do they attack humans if we taste so bad?

  7. About the only time sharks attack humans on purpose is when their territory is invaded, anyone with a pet knows that any animal can become fierce when strangers invade its space. Sharks are just the same.

  8. Most other shark attacks are probably also by mistake, eg a swimmers flapping feet & hands may look like the movements of a fish swimming in the water, especially one wearing a black wet suit and flippers, may look something like a seal.

  9. If you do want to swim in the ocean where the sharks live, then you will need to take precautions.

  10. Always swim in netted areas or in between the flags, or swim where you can be seen by a life guard,

  11. Avoid wearing shiny jewelry that might attract prey fish,

  • Avoid spreading blood or human wastes in the water that may also attract sharks,
    • If schooling fish start to act little crazy or you start seeing them in large numbers, leave the area ASAP. And if you do see a shark, the answer is: just leave the water calmly & quickly!
  1. The plain fact is that they’re not after us. Like I said, they would rather eat fish, most of them never even come near us & the ones that do are most likely to do so by mistake or because we are swimming in the wrong place,

  2. So the answer is simple: You just have to learn a little about sharks and their natural behavior to enjoy yourself in the water, So rest easy next time you hit the beach – Jaws isn’t looking for you, he’s got other fish to fry! ?

Answer #1

you could also mention the fact that people are travelling into shark territory when they swin, surf etc.. we must relise the risk bfor getting into the water

Answer #2

I read it through and it is good. Can’t see any mistakes. My Mom was an English teacher. Number 13 may need a bit of a rewrite. I wouldn’t have him say “like I said”. Perhaps, humans are not natural shark food, we are usually just in the wrong place at the wrong time if one does bite. I agree about there being too much pressure on kids. He’ll be fine though. You are doing the right thing, supporting him and being proud of him. God Bless and good luck!

Answer #3

You could add odds like mysterywolf suggested, like more people are killed my I dunno hippos than sharks…

Answer #4

Hi there, thanks heaps for your advice everyone, really appreciate it, have a great weekend & God bless..

Answer #5

You can also say that people are more likely to be hit by lightning than being bitten by a shark.

It’s pretty good btw, good luck!

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