How do I break her virginity?

can someone explain to me in details that how can one break her virginity. because I been masturbating and I can’t break it until I get married. one day my boyfriend was really playing with me hard over my clothes but when I came home I came again and I saw some blood. he haven’t put it inside and I haven’t put anything inside either but I dont know how im scared to death now if I lose my virginity I will get kicked out of my family. can someone tell me how the pain is and if someone lose it there would be much blood or little bit. thanks a lot

Answer #1

no worries you are a virgin until you go ALL THE WAY meaning sexual intercourse you can get your hymen (cherry) torn and still be a virgin if he uses his hand or you use a tampon it can break you’ll still be a virgin and the blood could have been you just starting your period if yo haven’t yet

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