Can someone comment this please

My ex and I are not together but I am pregnant and am 17 and he’s 16 can I get in problems since he’s 1 yr younger it’s not much of a diffrence but can I get in problems?

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I believe in the state of indiana if one person is between the ages of 18-24 they can only get in trouble if the other person is under 16, but if they are 16-17 the parents have the choice to press charges. but your fine your under 18 your both considered minors. best of luck with everthing

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I think you’re alright. This may vary by state, but if I remember correctly, even though he’s only 16, you’re ok because you’re under 18.

Now, kids having kids is a whole nuther issue. I don’t know what your plans are, so I don’t know what to say but good luck, be strong and be smart.

I’ve seen a lotta pregnant kids on this site today. My heart is heavy from it.

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you should be fine

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What ages were you both when you fell pregnant???

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