Is a*al sex dangerous to your health?

does aal sx are dangerous for our health???

Answer #1

Yes it can be, it needs to be consentual, and you must use a condom as this is an area that has a great deal of bacteria. A lot of damage can be done if you are not gentle, lubricated and don’t know what you are doing. Its not something everyone likes to do, so don’t force this on a partner if she or he says NO.

Answer #2

no a*al is just like reguler sex but takes a little bit more time to get good at it

Answer #3

Any sexual intercourse can be dangerous if you are not protecting yourself.

Answer #4

even if we are having sex with the same person??

Answer #5

Yes. Even the same person, unless you are certain you are in a committed relationship and both of you have been tested and have received a clean bill of health and neither one of you are sleeping with anyone else and she is protecting herself from pregnancy with other methods.

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