Can orthodontists put a tablet up your bum?

When I had my tooth out I was put to sleep by an injection, and I was told I had a tablet put up my bum, can they do that? They said it would get into my system quicker?

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Ill tell you what. My orthodontist is not putting no tablets up my butt period!!

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you should really check into this, ask a legal worker (kids help phoneline) if this is allowed, if not please do something about it! who knows what else this person could be doing!!!

blood from my bum??!?!?!

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girl dats terrible...they are not suppose to do that

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If you are drugged I suppose anyone could put anything they wanted to up your bum, but no I dont think that an orthodontist is legally allowed to. at least not in the us anyway, I don't know about the uk. how old are you? they really cant do it without parentat consent if you are young. I really dont know about the laws in your country, im sorry. legal or not that is still very uncool!

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Sure he never molested you while you was out? The tablet up bum excuse could be to make it look like there is a reason for being sore in the bum, had you noticed it was sore for any reason...

Seriously contact the police and ask to speak to a child protection officer!

Even when having your moler teeth pulled, there is no reason to sedate you, the needles in the gum are enough to num the area to not feel the pain. Not to mention if an anesthatist did not sedate you, he was putting your life at risk! Why you think they goto university just to put you to sleep, very dangerous with a 1 in 1000 chance of dying just from being put to sleep! (my ex wife had to be told this and sign the concent form when she had a cesarian section).

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