Can my girlfriend be pregnant?

I had sex with my girlfriend without a condom 2 wednesdays ago and I cumd in her a lot can she b pregnant I need some answers please get back at me

Answer #1

yes its a VERY big possiblity that she is unless she was on birth control or some type of other contreceptive, take if from someone who’s been pregnant twice. I hope a baby is what yall want, I would definitely start getting prepared for one mentally, emotionally and physically.

Answer #2

yea you just might be a daddy!!! Ask her if she’s missed her period ar anything…tell her to take a home pregnacy test. Then go to a doctor and get a real one because the home one’s can mess up. Hope youre getting what you want.

Answer #3

unless she was on bcp or something your more then likey a dad. have fun!

Answer #4

it’s possible she can/is pregnant. message me :)

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