Can my dad force me to take a drug test by law?

My dad is going to randomly drug test me. I need to know if the law will force me to take it or if I can tell him to go screw himself.

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lol you ignorant fools. I am already clean. I know this for sure with my own methods. but I dont know why you would even attempt to tell me to not smoke. obviously im not going to listen to you or take your advice so you dumbasses are just wasting your time. my life is great and I dont care what you fuc kers think. I chose this because life is all about experiences, and im not going to waste my life trying to pleeze the government or my parents. my father isnt locking me up eithier, because I dont take s hit from him. like I said, im not hurting anybody! this hasnt affected my life in any negetive wayz! my gpa has been improving so now im a 3.7! my time on the mile was 6:48! the only reason pot is illegal is because if it wasnt the government couldnt control it. people wood just grow it themselves and then taxing it would be worthless. with it being illigal, they go out and plant it so they can make money off busting people for it. they dont care about our well being, only money and power.

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if you are not ready for the answers- don't ask the question- simple as that.
oftentimes someone asks a question on this site and receives answers they do not want to hear- that is all a part of getting ADVICE, and by accepting that ADVICE like a rational human being - is a sign of maturity.
sounds like you have some rather drama filled days ahead of you- but you can't blame your father- YOU HAVE BECOME THE INSTRUMENT OF YOUR OWN SORROWS.
I do not see any advice above (except the advice on how to pass the tests) that is incorrect, your father has every right to be concerned about you, and to take steps to insure your own well being.
but hey- who are we, right?
like I said at the beginning - if you don't want answers and advice- don't ask the question. and see just how far you get on your own while feeding a destructive monkey on your back.

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It's absolutely legal. Until you're a) 18 or b) emancipated, he can do pretty much whatever he wants as long as it's not causing you physical or emotional trauma.

I'm sure you wouldn't be doing drugs anyway while you're living in his house anyway, right? So what's the big deal? I mean, only a completely ungrateful tool would involve their parents in an illegal activity.

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yes he can!
until your 18 he has every right to.
but, just a little info to help you, it really depends on what drug you took, but if he's giving you a piss test, it dosent take long to get it out of your system.
drink TONSSS of water and cranberry juice and in no more than 7 days it will be out of your system.
if its a hair sample he's looking for, your screwed =[

hope this helps. I went through the same thing with my parents.
if you have any questions about it, feel free to message mee!

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Your dad can make you take a drug test.
One word of advice from a mom who has had kids go through drugs/and alcohol problems...when all your friends are no where to be found your dad will always be there for you!

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Here's a tip -- if you don't want people's opinions on your drug use, don't post questions on a public forum soliciting opinions regarding your drug use.

Little snot. Here's to your father locking your pimply rear up until you learn some friggin' sense.

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I would say, quit engaging in illegal activities in your dad's home and he wouldn't have any reason to not trust you and want to give you a drug test.

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vinegar and baking soda don't do anything. what did you take/smoke? I been in rehabs for the better part of my junior and senior year of highschool so truuust me I can help lol they never caught me mwahahha I used to actually do drugs IN the program

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I am sure that part of your rude behavior and rage is a result of fear regarding your upcoming drug test...Obviously you have a great probability of failure...
and the outcome might be a grounding or worse.
But, you asked and received answers...
so, grow up and face reality...
the reality you created...
WE didn't decide to do drugs while living under our parent's roof, YOU did...
WE didn't ask the question, YOU did...
Life is about accountability...and it sounds as if you are about to learn that lesson...the hard way.

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yo dude cops can get on this site too you know?

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I forsee a hard life full of rationalizing addictive, destructive behavior.

This "ignorant fool" doesn't need to tell you to screw yourself, b/c you are already doing it. Muahahahaha. Keep on doing drugs kiddo. Maybe some day, I'll give you a quarter when I see you holding a sign on the street corner. :)

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If you are under the legal age of where ever you live. you must be legally imancipated.. (meaning.. there is a document that states you are legally an adult before adulthood) to have the rite to say no. He is your gaurdian.. and he has all authority by law to have you take a drug test if he wants to.

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Obviously you have something to hide - don't be in denial, step up and do what's right - he's doing his job, looking after your best interests, be Thankul.

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Yes. You're a minnor. He's your dad. He has the right.

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I think he can

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right on mang

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he can do it. sooo you better start drinkin cranberry juice, water, and vinegar. I hear those can clear your system up. but youll probablyyy need a couple days for your system to get cleared. it all depends on what you did and when you did it.

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