Can music save me from depression

Like I dont know if it can but even when I am in a bad mood, seeing someone mention Linkin Park or seeing a Linkin Park item on tv or youtube always seems to make me smile, even when I am crying. I dont know if this is because not a lot of people seem to like Linkin Park and seeing someone who does makes me happy, or if Linkin Park can truly be my source of happiness

Answer #1

music has helped me and it’s the reason that I’m still alive today.

Answer #2

yes music can hep you. whatever makes you laugh or smile, kepp doing! I have a really stressful life…I watched drake and josh for the first time and loved it. it makes me laugh and want to keep going. I love it. I watch it all the time, I losened up, got calmer, and started listening to Drake Bell. Im happy now. stress free and I laugh so much. im so thankful. so listen. what makes you laugh and be happy? Linkin Park? then do it. do whatever you can to watch and listen. it CAN help you. trust me.

                  Have a great day,
Answer #3

yes music can help you, especially if you can relate to the message in the song- after all that is what music is for- to relate to people.

I have also found happiness in writing poetry and artwork, it is along the same line as music- except it is personal- created by me, my feelings.

Answer #4

music can shift the emotion your in but also gets you more down! so if you depressed put on a happy song!

Answer #5

Music can help you. That’s one of the things that make me feel better.

Answer #6

Yes, music can really help lift your spirits or make you feel down… so make sure you’re listening to the right songs. ;-)

I highly suggest Our Lady Peace’s CD - Gravity. Each and every song has a different aspect of life we have to eventually, if not, daily deal with. My favourite song is Made of Steel, it’s a big pick-me-up. :-D

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