Can lack of sleep make your skin paler?

This morning when I got up my mum sed she could tell I hadnt slept much, which I hadnt because obviously the purpley bags under my eyes but also because my skin was pale. Is it really possible for your skin to turn paler if you dont sleep??? I hope not, I hope she was just imagining it because I dont wont my friends to find out and start quizzing me on why I cant sleep! Thanx x

Answer #1

Yes, lack of sleep can cause loss of colour in your face, which in turn is what causes those dark circles that are so prominent under the eyes (most people think lack of sleep causes the dark circles, but it’s actually the paleness from the lack of sleep).

What’s wrong with someone asking why you can’t sleep? It’s typical for people to wonder, and it’s not exactly an embarrassing affliction - as an insomniac, I completely understand.

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