Can I rip music from a DVD to a CD?

Can I rip music from DVD to a CD? I have a music video but I want to rip music to CD for the car stereo. I saw RIP in Media Player but I can’t rip it. Please help.

Answer #1

There are programs that allow you to do it. I dont know what they are, because I don’t use them. Also it MAY be illegal. So watch it. COuldn’t you find out what the song is called and find a way to just download the mp3 file from somewhere as opposed to actually ripping it from the dvd? Also may be illegal. SO be warned.

Answer #2

I don’t think you can do that. I think they put that protected thing on the DVDs now.

Answer #3

Just use a dvd ripper

But make sure use it without commercial purpose, or it will be illegal.

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