Can I pull off a bikini?

Okay, here’s a pic of me wearing a bikini top with an unmatching tankini shorts bottom, since I dont have a real bikini. I wanted to know, do you think I could pull off wearing a bikini? Or shuold I stick with my one pieces and tankinis? I know I dont have that bikini body because my chest is flat, my butt it flat and my waiste is wide, but I lost 20 pounds and I want to know how to show it off. If you think I should wear a bikini, what kind do you think I should get that would look good on me? Please dont suggest black or brown because it just makes me look pale! I was thinking like a pink stripe bikini or bandeau with a bottom with a belt?!? And blue is my fav. color (so you know). Tell me what you think? Should I wear one or not???

Answer #1

green would be PERFECT on you. you shouldnt worry about having a wide waist/hips. I do, and I dont have a very flat tummy but I know I cant change it because its my bones. dont worry about skin tone either because if you wear a bikini youll get a tan. im a dark tan myself so I guess I cant talk. you cant look worse than me. if anyone says anything and theyre wearing a 1 peice just say “youre only wearing a one peice to hide your scales/scabs/hairy stomach”

Answer #2

you can easliy get away with it

Answer #3

and so you know I cant tan, only sunburn!

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