Can I move out at 16?

I really really badly wanna move out, a few friends said I can live with them in there currant houses with their parents too, but I want to live in a flat with some friends, so we are going to do that can I do that at 16?

Answer #1

Legally, depends upon the laws in your state….call your local police (non-emerg. line) and ask them of Funmail me and tell me your state….if you are not of age you can apply for emancipation, if you’re qualified, with the Court…..Good luck, wish you the best !!

Answer #2

First of all, yeah it depends on the state. Some want papers signed by the legal guardian saying it’s fine, some are different. I don’t know the law in that state. If you are looking to get Emancipated, then they are not just going to give you that because “your mom grounded you” If it’s a legitimate reason that the court feels is hazardous to your health, or that your guardian is unfit to raise you, then that is their decision, so you can try, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Hope I helped, and good luck <3

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